Facilitator: Jim Young

Program Website: https://www.thecenteredcoach.com/3dmen



The following is a sample of feedback provided by participants of a 7-week workshop series called “3-D Men”. The program was fully designed and facilitated by me, with an express purpose of providing men with improved relational skills to enhance their work and home lives. The feedback is sampled from multiple cohorts of men who went through the program between the summer of 2020 and winter of 2021. 


Feedback (Unstructured)

"Over the course of seven weeks Jim led 6 new friends (adult males) on a reflective journey that led to individual breakthroughs. Through experiential activities and guided conversations, each participant felt confident and comfortable exploring and talking about personal experiences, issues, challenges, and ultimately arriving at personal epiphanies.


Jim is a thoughtful coach with a calm demeanor, and he made it easy for us to reflect, share, and connect with each other. The most important thing for me were the personal and relationship breakthroughs that came from my own willingness to jump into the program and follow Jim’s lead. 


Now I have a much greater understanding of how I want to show up for myself and for others. Yes, there were moments of “digging deep” but Jim was also able to balance our journey with moments of genuine laughter! If you are open to the idea of improving your relationships, getting to know yourself better, and getting sincere support on your journey, I highly recommend Jim Young as a coach."

“Keep doing your work, it has opened me emotionally and will help countless others.”

“3-D Men is ideal for any guy who has difficulty expressing himself appropriately in emotional situations, but it really is great for anyone looking to improve in that area.”

Feedback (Structured)

What was the best part of the 3-D Men program - or the thing that made the biggest positive impact - for you? 

  • Realizing shared experiences. If not exact, I became aware of certain "templates" that we all go through and experience. 

  • Discussing tough issues in a group format. Seeing others facing similar challenges, getting ideas from them, and offering my support to them. Served as a safe space to discuss some things I have not told anyone else. Opening meditation was great too.

  • Broken record here, but great to know others face similar struggles and great to form that community. Knowing I am not alone really helps!