Dare To Be Happy

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Hey guys... has your life gotten to be 2-Dimensional?

  1. How much of your time do you spend DOING things for other people in your life (boss, partner, kids, etc.)?

  2. What about DIRECTING someone else - telling them what to do or being the Answer Guy?


When is the last time you did something DARING?

For real, how long has it been since you got your adrenaline rushing, surprised your lover (actually, those might be the same thing!), or took the risk to make a big move in your career?

How about using your privilege (especially you, white guys) to help others, instead of hiding within it?

How about taking a step back from The Provider role to create more balance for you and those around you?

If it's been months or even years since you felt daring, that's not ok. That's living a flat, 2-D life. And you're better than that. Now don't get me wrong, as men we have to take care of business. DOING and DIRECTING are two of the strongest ways we show up in the world. Men get shit done! But when we stop DARING ourselves, we trade our Happiness for Success. That's a terrible trade - you deserve both! So let's get you back to being a 3-D Man. 

What you'll get

  • Clarity and command of your mind 

  • Better habits that get you in gear

  • A powerful mindset of positive choice

  • A renewed willingness to take risks that make you happier

  • Real connection with some daring new friends - (admit it - you need more friends!)

Why it works

  • It's simple - we'll focus on a few key practices that let you handle everything life throws at you

  • We'll roll our sleeves up and do work that lasts, stuff that books and workshops just can't deliver

  • The power of a group really works for guys - we'll challenge each other and drive each other to be more daring

How it works

  • I only take 7 guys at a time to build a small, powerful group (so get off your ass and sign up!)

  • Over the course of 7 weeks you learn about "mental fitness" via on-demand videos and group interaction 

  • You put in 15 minutes a day on mental workouts using a mobile app tailored to your biggest needs

  • Every week we'll challenge each other to grow in our weekly call

  • I'm available any time for questions or to help you with a challenge

  • Summer cohort starts in late August. You can pre-register for the next group (Fall 2020) at any time. 

How do you sign up?

  • The cost is $497 up front, or you can pay in two monthly installments of $297 (but maybe it's less...)

  • Ready to go? Hit the "Save Me a Spot Now" button to enroll!  

  • Got questions? Let's talk so we can make sure this is gonna be awesome for you.

My promise to you

If after the first 4 weeks you have put in an honest effort and don't think it's worth it, I'll give you 100% of your money back.


I believe in this work, because I've done it myself. If you show up and do the work, this program will make a profound difference in your outlook on life.

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