Dare To Choose

Registration for next group ends in ... 

Registration for the Fall 2020 cohort is NOW OPEN- only 3 spots left! 

What are the "three D's" in 3-D Men?

  • Doing. You do this ALL THE TIME - too often. 

  • Directing. You do this when you start feeling anxious & in need of control. 

  • Daring. You don't do enough of this. At all. 

Seriously - I bet you spend 90% of your time Doing and Directing. Let's trying balancing that out and see how psyched you are.  

Break down the 3-D Men program for me, ok?

​Sure. This is what you'll learn how to do:  

  • Connect. Notice what's really happening. Connect to yourself and your beliefs. 

  • Slow Down. Give yourself a measly freakin' minute to pause & get your brain centered. 

  • Be At Choice. Now make the choice you really want to make, not the one that your auto-pilot makes. 

It's simple, I know. Except it definitely takes some practice - just like anything else worth doing. That's why I run 3-D Men - so you can learn the same simple set of tools I use for managing stress, no matter what keeps coming your way. 

That's all I need to know - can I sign up now?

Of course. 

I want more info before I commit.

Sure, no problem.

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