Dare To Choose

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This course is for you if any of the following are true for you:

  • I have a hard time with my boss. 

  • Things aren't clicking with my spouse/girlfriend/partner.

  • My family is driving me crazy. 

  • Every conversation with my kids involves an order or an argument. 

  • I'm not sure how to make new friends anymore. 

What will you get out of the 3-D Men experience?

  • Meaningful improvement in a key relationship in your life - in a matter of weeks

  • The skills and confidence to improve any other relationship you choose to work on

  • Less stress

  • More happiness

Break down the 3-D Men program for me, ok?

​Sure. This is what you'll learn how to do:  

  • Connect. Get clear about what you want - in life, for yourself, AND with others. 

  • Slow Down. Give yourself a minute to pause when you need to, so you can get your mind centered, identify the obstacles in your way, and assess your full set of options. 

  • Make a Daring New Choice. Make a choice that leads to connection, which is not necessarily the one that your "auto-pilot mind" would make. 

So what would I need to do?

Just identify one relationship you want to improve and then show up.   

I run 3-D Men - so you can learn the same simple set of tools I use for managing stress ... no matter what keeps coming your way. The guys that have gone through the program have made huge progress in reshaping their key relationships, reducing their stress, and getting more of what they want from life. 

That's all I need to know - can I sign up now?

Of course. 

I want more info before I commit.

Sure, no problem - let's chat.