From Burned Out to Balancing

A Simple, Affordable, Time-Tested Strategy

If you're here, it's probably because you are experiencing some level of burnout. I'm sorry to hear that. It sucks. I'm glad you stopped by, though, because I'm trying like hell to get as many men out of burnout as possible.


I'd love for you to check out the system I've created so you can get back to balancing your life. (I don't call it "work/life balance", because you never can stay in perfect balance for more than a moment. So we should get great at balancing.) 

Here's some info that should help you get a better idea of it...

FAQs (Frequently seems a little presumptuous, but ok...)

Does my baby need a ticket for the carriage ride?

Children who have celebrated their second birthday are counted towards the carriage capacity.

How do I get to the carriage ride area?

The Carriage Ride staging area is located at the McCarthy Building Company parking lot. Carriage ride patrons should not proceed to Tilles Park. We suggest entering from Manchester Road to avoid traffic to make it to your carriage ride on time. Please allow for extra time to get to the park.

From Manchester Road: head north on McKnight Rd approximately ¾ of a mile. After you pass Old Warson Rd continue approximately 200 yards and make a left just before the church parking lot and follow the signs to the parking area. There will be a lighted road sign directing you to the McCarthy Building entrance way. You may also take Brentwood Blvd. to Litzsinger Road, make a left at McKnight Road and the McCarthy Building Company lot will be on your right.

Do carriage drivers accept tips?

Yes, the carriage drivers accept tips for their service.

Are carriage rides ever canceled for inclement weather?

It is very unlikely that the event will be canceled. The event proceeds thru rain, shine, cold, hot, etc. (all) weather unless the weather becomes treacherous for the horses or staff to move around safely (rare instances of ice or extreme cold). Many (not all) carriages do have roofs over them. The status of each night’s carriage rides will be decided by 1:00 p.m. If carriage rides are canceled it will be posted on and tickets will be refunded or rescheduled.

Will food or drink be available for the carriage rides?

No, food and drink is not available, though you are allowed to bring your own personal sized food and drinks.

Can we bring blankets on the carriage?

Yes! You are welcome to bring blankets. Make sure to dress for the weather!

I would like to tip my carriage driver, do you provide change?

While we are able to make change for people purchasing carriages, we are not able to provide change for those looking to swich bills to tip the carriage drivers.

The "From Burned Out to Balancing" program will be launching soon. Over the coming weeks I'll be sending out some free previews that will give you tools you can start using right away. You'll get value out of them, whether or not you sign up for the program.


To put your name on the list, just fill out the short form below. Don't worry - you can opt out anytime and I won't share your info or try to sell you anything else. 

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon with more info...