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The Number One key for me in getting out of burnout - for good - has been my active participation in groups of like-minded people who share both my experiences and my dreams.

Over the years I have been part of Al-Anon recovery groups, improv comedy communities, professional coaching pods, business roundtables, author's circles, and men's groups of various types. 

Every single one of those experiences has provided me new perspectives, resources, and knowledge that have helped me create more sustainability, more joy, and more ease in my life. 

They also helped me kick burnout's ass. 

So, naturally, as a burnout coach for men it only makes sense that I would use this same model to help others. 

My burnout groups are comprised of 6-8 men who meet monthly and stay connected in between. 

  • Our mission? Defeating burnout. 

  • Our process? See the graphic on this page. 

  • Our experience? A shit ton of laughs, even more big insights, and a lot of stress leaving our lives. 

Want to learn more? 

Give me a holler.