I started my coaching career in response to a question that someone asked me four days after I had resigned from my last corporate job. I had decided to leave without a plan and was feeling very uncertain about I would do next. 

My friend asked me, "What have you loved most in your work so far?"

The answer came immediately. 

"I love helping people develop themselves and grow in ways they didn't know they could. And I love helping groups of people come together to create something bigger than they could on their own, all while having a good time."

I was excited when my friend went on to explain that she had a similar moment of insight in her career and that becoming a coach allowed her to spend all of her time pursuing those aims. 

Several years, hundreds of hours of training, and over a thousand hours of coaching later, I love what I do. There are several ways that I like to help people, including coaching Leaders, Businesses, and Burned Out Men.

If you'd like to set up a free consult to talk about where you're at and what I can do to help, you can either book time on my calendar or send me a note to get the conversation started.