Over the course of a 25 year corporate IT career, I learned businesses from the inside out. Having supported people, processes, and systems in Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and Operations I know how businesses run. 

As a senior executive in multiple organizations over the past several years, I know how the big decisions that guide an organization are made and what it takes to manage the transitions that those decisions prompt.

Lots of consultants can help you with the nuts and bolts of a business, just like I can. The value I'll add on top is the critical support needed for the emotional side of business transitions. The impact of change on your people often derails all the sound practical and strategic work in a transition. Let me help you create the balance you need for sustainable change. 

Executive Leadership Skills

Leadership Development

You're at a key juncture in your business - a transition is looming. You need another experienced leader to help design the future with you. 


I'll provide my experience across a range of businesses to give you the perspective you need to set a clear direction. 

Management Consulting

Strategic Consulting

You've already created the vision for where you want to go, but aren't sure how to get there. There are financial projections, capacity analyses, communications plans, and on and on. How does it fit together?

Let me help you identify how to put the pieces together. 

Management Workshop

Management Training

You know that managers are the key to your business. They provide that crucial link between leadership and the teams that provide the products & services to your customers. But you haven't had the time to train them enough. 

Drawing from my extensive experience in both management and executive leadership roles, I can help strengthen your management team.