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Sometimes I Talk

Ok, actually I talk a lot. I love being in dialogue with other people about the big topics I care most about. I learn so much through discussing subjects like burnout, workplace culture, how men show up in the world, leadership, emotional intelligence, DEIB, and more. And with all the time I've put into those topics, I know that I have a lot to add to the conversation. 

If you want to get a better sense of what I can bring to an interaction with you and/or your organization around these important areas of life, I invite you to peruse some samples of my work below. 

Podcast Appearances

At first reluctantly--and now gratefully--I get to share how shame brought me to my knees and into burnout. Fortunately, moving through it also brought me into a miraculous new space that I now know as "expansive intimacy."

Big thanks to Mike Carlon for helping me take another step in my growth via this episode!

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Angela Howard is looking to help shape the Best Workplaces of 2030, starting now. Her approach involves changing minds through hearts, which is where I tend to do my best work, too. We had a great conversation about how to do that when burnout is part of the mix. In fact, the empathy we can gain from burnout experiences might just go a long way towards understanding allyship.

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If you know me, you know that I love being a Dad. So I was excited for the chance to be on the Dads With Daughters podcast with Chris Lewis. We got to talk about fun stuff, like improv, as well as tricky stuff like gender roles for our kids. 


Shana? She doesn't buy into the need for rules, games or limitations. She does bold, gritty, and raw work that helps men find their unique power, confidence and clarity, so they stop settling in life and love. 

So yeah. I was flattered to be on the show. I think I did it justice, too...

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Whooo! Brandon makes the time fly. He's a terrific interviewer - it's a bonus that he's got that killer Aussie accent! 

We dug into a lot around burnout and models of manhood, plus a good bit on intimacy. I even got to coach Brandon for a little bit.

(Yup, you get a free peek at my coaching if you listen to this one.)

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Christopher is a fellow Dad and author. We got into some good (and vulnerable) conversations about burnout, “shoulding” on ourselves, the ‘man box,’ vulnerability in dating relationships, and intimacy.


In the 2nd part of this interview, I get into the work I've done since recovering from burnout, which includes some unexpected topics, like improv and intimacy. 


My friend Dino and I have been talking about leadership for 4 years now. This time, we recorded it and added in topics like burnout and quiet quitting. The result (largely influenced by Dino's top-notch interviewing skills) was a conversation that remained surprisingly tight despite how much ground we covered. 


I was pretty flattered when I read the show's audio engineer's quote: "This episode is like the ballad of the album. What a good message, I don't think we have these conversations enough - or at all. Jim seems awesome."

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I never expected to be a trailblazer. Then Hannah Austin asked me to be the first male guest on the SheBurns podcast. We talked about burnout (of course), how improv played a role in my recovery, and so much more. Give us a listen, will ya?

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I was really happy to be a guest on Nate's show, where we discussed what happens when a guy isn't "manly enough", how IT guys might be more prone to burnout, and how answering two simple questions (what do I need? what do I want?) with honesty can be a wakeup call that moves us towards happiness.  


Mike is an incredibly wise leader, so it was great to dive into some big questions with him ... like these:

What are the motivators for change and transformation towards a more authentic leadership? How do we create loving organizations? And how do we do all that without falling into burnout?

Episode 31 - Instagram.png

Cait and I dug deep on the tools we've each used to help others combat burnout. We also tell some stories. (Cait is a firebrand!)

FRIED. The Burnout Podcast

In this first of a 2-episode series, I talked with Ken about my "burnout origin story" and how it shaped my early life into adulthood. 

Mojo for the Modern Man podcast

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