Men are being asked to stretch in all sorts of ways that we never used to be. We have the same expectations to achieve and provide in our professional lives. The world is hyper competitive - it's like they greased the ladder and electrified it. How the hell do we get ahead, let alone hold on?

On top of that, family life has changed. We're now called to be stronger fathers and more supportive partners - which by the way, is great and long overdue. Our kids and partners need the strength and humor and discipline that men are known for. We have a tremendous obligation and opportunity to be great men in this arena. 

But where does the energy for all that come from? And where does that leave all the things we care about? It can be confusing and really, fucking stressful. I know, I survived it and came out on the other side. 

If you are feeding on a steady diet of stress and dissatisfaction with your current situation, please know that there are lots of ways to change that. (I tried most of them before I figured out what worked!!)

Anyway, my goal is to support great men in creating the path THEY want to walk in their lives. If you could use a guide, I'd love to help. Give me a shout and let's see if I'd be a good fit for you.