When you are at a breaking point because your burnout has gotten so bad, you don't want to wait for relief. You need something that will change your trajectory right away. This is where a "Burnout to Breakout" session comes in. 

A Burnout to Breakout session takes 3-4 hours, during which I'll guide you to create the clarity you need to make a rapid shift in the direction that your life and work are taking you. 


Using a condensed and accelerated version of the process I use in my traditional bi-monthly coaching process, we will focus on the 4 core components of defeating burnout:

  1. Beliefs

  2. Values

  3. Strengths

  4. Vision

These four components are at the root of your turnaround. I know, because they were how I got out of my burnout and they're the basis of how I've coached other men through theirs. 

Who is this type of session right for?

  • Men who have either reached their limit or already pushed beyond it -- and especially...

  • Busy executives & business owners who have a lot riding on their ability to show up positively and productively at work -- as well as...

  • Committed Dads who want to come back home at the end of the day (or before that!) with the clean, clear energy they need to show up for their families -- and as always with my ideal clients...

  • Guys who are ready to do the hard work of looking at what's missing in their lives, being open to new ways of thinking, and who are committed to investing time, energy & money (not 2 out of 3, all 3) to create a better life. 

What does it cost?

  • $825.

  • (This represents more than a 30% discount on standard coaching rates.)

What do I get?

  • A clear set of statements (which I'll help you discover) that show you how and why you got into burnout.

  • A personalized set of strategies that will get you out of burnout. 

Will I really defeat burnout in 3-4 hours of work?

  • Hell, no!

  • It took you thousands of decisions over many years to find your way into burnout. I'm good, but I'm not a magician. 

  • You'll have to do the work of changing your ways to get out of burnout. But I'll give you a roadmap that you can trust to guide you there. 

  • And I'll get you back to the life you want faster than you could on your own. 

How do I sign up?

  • Email me and tell me you're ready to deal with your burnout, once and for all. 

  • I only have a limited number of these slots available, because they're entirely focused on you.