You Want To REALLY Train Your Team? 
Make It All Up!

If you asked everyone at your company for the first word they think of when you say "training", I bet 80% of them will say "boring". Ok, maybe only 40% will say that. But 40% more might say something like "useless", or "waste of time".

Why is that? I have a good guess. Many, if not most, of your people sit in front of a computer screen or on a phone all day long, right? They want and need human connection! It's one of the biggest things that's missing in our fast-paced, high-tech world. 

Of course, the content of your trainings matter - otherwise you wouldn't have them. But imagine what it would be like to energize your team around training, rather than getting the old "boring, useless, waste of time" reactions? How would you do that? I say, "make it all up"!

Here's how I can help you with that, in 6 steps: 

  1. Identify the Training Objective

  2. Define the Outcomes

  3. Nail Down the Requirements (with the trainees' involvement!)

  4. Design the Training and Pick the Tools*

  5. Deliver the Training

  6. Assess the Results

My toolbox includes simple assessments, coaching, consulting, facilitation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and applied improv techniques, which I custom design to meet your specific needs. There is no template for your training - it's tailored to fit your needs. It's also gonna be as fun as you'll let me make it, because science says people learn best when they're having fun!!

Shake it up! Make it fun for them to learn! Let's dazzle your staff with an energetic, fun, and focused training. It totally works. Wanna see evidence? Check out the picture above. That's a bunch of people loving the way they are learning to have better communication at work! And the client continues to see the benefits, months after the training was completed:  

“Our Firm recently had Jim run a training program based on Improv.  Most of our staff had never experienced Improv and some people were unsure of what to expect.  The program ended up being one of the most popular events we have recently held.  Jim’s knowledge of the subject matter and easy going approach put everyone at ease.  The exercises were fun, informative and engaging.  People are still talking about it even now, weeks later!”

- Howard Cheney, Partner

Want to supercharge your professional development program? 

Let's make it all up!!

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