Getting centered has a lot to do with claiming and owning your identity. Do you call yourself a Dad? An Entrepreneur? A Provider? A Husband? A Connector? There are so many ways to identify and we'll all own many identities in our lifetimes.

At various times in life, we will find that an old identity no longer suits us - or that it's been lost due to unforeseen circumstances like divorce, illness, or a layoff. During those times we can either hold tight to what we've outgrown, or lost, or we can do the difficult and rewarding work of stepping into our next identity. 

I've navigated some huge shifts in my identity over the years. My career has evolved dramatically, I've had to embrace being a single parent, and have had my share of grief-filled losses. As a colleague of mine said to me about coaching, "we can only take our clients as deep as we've been ourselves." I fully believe that. And to quote myself, "If you are down on your knees, you might as well pick something up."

I would love to share with you how I've reshaped my own identity through various changes, so that your path can be a bit smoother. 

If a major change is on its way for you, I would love to provide you with a free, powerful, two-hour coaching experience that will help you see if my coaching could help you step into your bold, new identity!