I love to help men find the balance that can help them thrive. In our modern world men often feel stressed, confused, and unsure about their next steps. We're supposed to be strong, stoic, serious providers, like we've always been. At the same time, we're supposed to be in touch with our emotions and show that we are a caring presence for our families, friends and communities. 

Are you a man who feels called to be strong AND create a better, more loving world? 

Are you ready to help men take a step back, so we can let women take a step forward and be shoulder-to-shoulder? 

I believe men today have a great opportunity to show up powerfully, but in a new way. By combining our innate loving, gentle humanity with the powerful, enduring strength that has often been expected of us, we can enjoy the balance of being a strong provider while connecting deeply with the people we love. 

If you're ready to be one of the men who are working to bring balance back to our world, and need someone to walk with you on that journey, Iet's talk. I want to work with you.