Image by Nick Fewings

Just Love More

The universal solution

A couple of years ago it occurred to me that this simple instruction is my best answer to nearly every dilemma I encounter in my life.


Feeling frustrated with the behavior of one of my kids? Just love them more. Sometimes that requires me offering discipline or listening or some other loving act. 

Feeling overloaded, tired, stressed out about work? Just love myself more by taking a rest, eating a healthy meal, talking it out with someone, or some other loving act. 

Feeling disconnected from a loved one, via active conflict or maybe just silence? Just love more. Simply asking myself what would bring us back towards a loving interaction is often the answer. It can reset my intentions and energy in an instant. 

And let's be honest: We all want more love. Loving and being loved is the pinnacle of our human experience. It should be what we are striving for all the time. Yet our culture has developed a distorted view of love. It has somehow become too soft. Expressing a desire for love has become a sign of weakness. In the case of men, which is the living experience to which I can speak, talking openly about love can be a path to ridicule in many settings. 

It's time to change that story. It's time to just love more. 

Resources for More Love

While there are too many voices shouting down the primacy of love as our #1 priority in life, there are also many inspiring people out there creating more love. Here is an ever-evolving list of resources that can help you tap into more love in your life: ​