Helping You Slow Down and Connect



Get the Most Out of Your Work

Many of us spend up to half our waking hours on career-related activities. And a lot of us are stressed out, confused, and unsure of how to make it better. I've spent over 25 years in business and fought through those same issues as a  leader, manager, and senior contributor. 

As an experienced mentor and coach, my aim is to focus my energies on helping others find ways to balance their work with their big and important lives. I do this both through one-on-one coaching, and also by working with small teams to help them build more sustainable practices into their businesses. 


Building a More Connected Life

We all need help along the way to get what we want out of life. The pace of life today is so fast - it's easy to get away from what centers you. 

Sometimes you want more ... more time at home, more money for retirement, more involvement in your passions.

And sometimes you want less ... less running around, less busyness, less stress. 

Life coaching is a great way to reconnect with your self and put the focus back on your BIG LIFE. Let me help you get back to center and get more (or less) from your life!

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Getting Perspective on What's Next

Sometimes we've exhausted all the ways to get what we want out of our work and it's time for a change. In fact, most of us will have at least a few distinct career phases in our lifetimes. 

If you are contemplating a big change, coaching can provide structure and perspective to help you through that big life transition. I am on my third (and perhaps last!) career and would love to help make your transition successful. And less scary!