Using a mix of facilitated discovery and group learning, I guide teams to develop critical skills for their success. These skills include empathy, curiosity, creativity, communication, positive outlook, resilience, and more.


My programs are rooted in lots of geeky scientific studies on things like neuroscience and psychology, my experience as an organizational leader for 20+ years, and a healthy dose of applied improv. If you haven't heard of that form of "AI" yet, the bottom line is that it's fantastic way to engage your people in real learning that sticks. 

My team & organizational events are built with you and for you - nothing I do is "off the shelf". You'll get several hours of my time to create and deliver an event that creates real momentum for your team. Here's how I'll create and deliver the event you want:

  1. I work with you to clarify and get detailed about the goals you have for your team - this is typically 1-2 meetings. 

  2. I select a co-facilitator from my network of partners who will be best to enhance the experience. (I always work with a co-facilitator because I've found that two sets of eyes are a key ingredient to the best outcomes.)

  3. My co-facilitator and I will build an initial design for you to review.

  4. You have the opportunity to provide input on the design until we are all happy with it. (Optionally, you can just let us run with it after we have a clear set of goals.)

  5. We deliver an event to your team that creates and supports that changes you are after. 

Your team can thrive - let's make that happen!