You know that team in your organization that's struggling to come together? (Every organization has at least one!) 

Maybe there's constant miscommunication, or worse - maybe they just don't seem to like each other. 

You know they ​could come together, but you just don't have the time (or energy) to focus on that. 

I can help.

Using a mix of facilitated discovery and group learning, I guide teams to develop critical skills including empathy, curiosity, creativity, positive outlook, and resilience. My program is rooted in lots of geeky scientific studies on things like neuroscience and psychology, but it's also grounded in what's worked for me as a leader for 20+ years. 

Most importantly, I don't drop in for a one-day workshop and, "voila - you're fixed!" That approach simply doesn't work. Here's how I move your team from struggling to thriving: 

  • Over the course of 8 weeks I'll work with your team collectively and individually

  • Each team member completes a brief initial assessment to identify key elements of their work style

  • Each team member spends an hour a week doing self-directed, on-demand learning

  • Each team member spends 15 minutes per day on new skill & habit-building using engaging app-based content

  • I facilitate a weekly, 90-minute group dialogue that shows the group specifically how it can improve

  • Team members have access to me for questions, support and additional resources

I run this program on a rolling basis for teams of up to 8 people. If your team needs a boost, please get in touch.

I am purposefully keeping the cost low during the pandemic so that more people can have access to this type of program. Until further notice I'm offering this for a flat fee of $3,500. 

Your team can thrive - let's make that happen!

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