Pam Victor, President &

Head of Happiness

I am president and founder of a small nonprofit theater, and Jim's help and guidance has been instrumental in the successful growth of the shows, school, and professional development program. Jim has supported the company in so many different ways: hiring committees and interviewing, budgeting, ticket pricing, special event planning, developing business plans, and all-around consulting in a myriad of ways. I don't know what I'd do without Jim Young! (And I hope I never find out. :-)

Noah Smith, Founder & CEO

Jim brings an excellent blend of expertise and insight, and has helped us navigate many layers of tricky organizational change. We have been exceptionally happy working with him in both coaching and consulting capacities.

Dan Bouquillon,

Former direct report

Jim's ability to see an issue from a wide perspective allows him to consider many possibilities and outcomes from any given situation. Jim's ability to deliver constructive criticism is light years beyond any leader I have observed or worked with directly. He does so in a way that allows the recipient to acknowledge it, own it, and not feel attacked, insulted or put down. In my experience, Jim genuinely cares about the well-being and professional development of those that he serves and leads, and it is tremendously valued and appreciated. This quality makes it easy to establish trust, which in turn makes it easier to work with Jim.

Lisa Ekus, Founder

I was facing a major change in my role within my own company. Transition is hard and navigating it is no easy task. Figuring out the right business strategy is not an easy process. Jim Young has the experience to quickly and thoroughly understand small and mid-size business needs, challenges and goals . More importantly, he carves out the path and methodology (with accountability) that is so critical to success. His manner is professional, warm, encouraging and thought-provoking—exactly what I needed in a coach. He helped me find my path with clear directions and support. Hiring him was the best decision I made last year!

Delcie Bean, CEO

Jim has incredible social, emotional intelligence. This combined with enormous humility allows him to understand and lead people to become the best versions of themselves and achieve the best results without allowing ego to get in the way. He is a terrific listener who makes others feel heard, respected and cared for in a very genuine and authentic way. This increases loyalty and trust and leads to an openness that allows issues to be identified and solved.