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I'm Jim.

I coach men through next-level growth stages.

I work with male leaders who are unafraid of leading positive change in their organizations.


Even when they aren't sure where they're going, there's one thing for certain: they're seeking a sustainable way for everyone they encounter to thrive.

I'm especially good at working with guys who've grown a successful business that's started to plateau and requires way more attention than seems necessary. (You're gut is right about that, btw.)

I've got 25+ years in corporate, over 2/3 of that managing & leading organizations and people. I'm really good at it. 

In 2018, I dropped out of the 9-5 World to get better balance.

A bunch of intensive coaching training, continuation of 10+ years of non-stop personal development, and 850+ hours of client coaching sessions later ...


I'm the seasoned, versatile, next-level guide for helping you manifest the vision of success that you've only dreamed of.

So far. 

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