Jim Young - The Centered Coach

My personal mission is to help men defeat burnout. 

Why should you care? 

If you're a man and you're burned out, you want to work with someone who can help you reduce your stress, regain your energy & drive, and just feel like a better human being. And I know you want all of those. 

I especially want to talk with you if you run a business, because that is likely the biggest source of your burnout. And because you can't sustain and grow a thriving business when burnout lives there. 

Anyway, this is my About page. So here's a little bit about who I am... 


  • I am a burnout survivor who has spent the last several years studying how to defeat burnout. 

  • I'm also a highly experienced professional coach, a dedicated Dad, and a former corporate executive. 

  • I have dedicated thousands of hours to training on emotional intelligence and relationship skills, because in the end the quality of our relationships is the primary determining factor in our happiness (or our burnout.)

  • At the age of 45, I started a side gig that resulted in me becoming a professional comedian. Why am I sharing that? Because you should know that I'm down for taking risks and creating more fun. 

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