Jim Young

I coach people because I love to help them grow beyond what they think is possible for themselves. I especially like coaching men who want to create better balance in their lives and with those around them. I strongly identify with a suffocating feeling of being a man in the modern world, stuck in a sense of isolation and having to "do it all". I am eager to help other men find ways to let go of that notion so they can see how letting go of control & asking for help creates a radically different sense of ease and abundance in their lives. 

I also help organizations come together through the use of applied improv, coaching, and other facilitation techniques. I do that work because I love it when I can help groups of people come together to create something bigger and more bountiful than they could on their own. Besides, it honors my personal value to "create as much fun as possible" for others!

Here's what I help my clients achieve (and how, in each sub-bullet): 

  • Step out of the noise of their life to gain clarity on what they are wanting most

    • I do this by listening intensely to everything they say, without any judgment, and asking them questions that get to the heart of the matter​

  • Identify the roadblocks that are keeping them from their most important goals

    • I help them understand the negative self-talk that's holding them back​ and to instead find their true strengths that will carry them through change

  • Create a plan to change so they can move ahead with the life​ they really want

    • I challenge them to go further and hold them accountable​ to their commitments​

  • Maintain a positive attitude along the way to new growth

    • I provide reflections, encouragement, and validation for all the difficult work involved with growth, something that can be especially hard​ for men to see for themselves

I've been helping people through leadership, coaching and improv for a long time. Along the way, here's who and what I've become...

Who I Am

What I've Done

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