Jim Young

My personal mission for 2021 is to enhance the lives of (at least) 50 men through my work. Why should you care about that goal of mine? Because the energy behind that goal is immense. It means that I spend a vast percentage of my mental energy focused on how men can improve our experiences in this challenging world. 

I am always developing my skills and insights so I can help men thrive in their professional endeavors, personal passions, and especially in their intimate relationships. (Note: You have lots of intimate relationships - probably more than you think.) The world wants and needs that sort of thriving, balanced, centered existence from men - and, admit it, so do you. 

Here's a bit more about me...

Who I Am

  • A great Dad

  • A flexible and motivating leader

  • A connector of people and ideas (actually a mad scientist)

  • A skilled and compassionate listener

  • A professional comedian

  • A man who has thrived through divorce (ask my ex, who still loves me)
  • A dedicated learner

  • A strong Gentle Man
  • A risk-taking Rockstar

What I've Done

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