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Expansive Intimacy

In Expansive Intimacy: How “Tough Guys” Defeat Burnout, Jim Young explores the rules of masculinity that force men into a false choice: either face shame by embracing their inner desires for meaningful connection, or invite burnout by following the harsh rules that require men to shun emotions and emphasize achievement. 

With both levity and gravity, Jim walks us through his years-long journey through burnout, along with stories and lessons of how other men have boldly escaped burnout by embracing a new way to be tough—through Expansive Intimacy.

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Ed Frauenheim, Co-Author of
Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection

“Jim Young has done men a big favor with this book. His compelling personal story, the moving tales of other men, and the many research dots he connects all point to a fresh yet forever solution to burnout. We men--socialized for so long to go it alone--need deeper relationships. Three cheers for Expansive Intimacy!”

Media Inquiries

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