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Let's Get You
Beyond Burnout

Every service I offer has been designed over the course of several years to serve a common purpose: Helping people to create the lively, centered, and creative experiences they want both at work and in their personal lives. 

For deep focus work on topics like burnout, leadership development, and unlocking your professional potential, Executive Coaching is your best option. 

Got a serious case of organizational burnout that needs attention FAST? The Beyond Burnout Quick Start is your fire extinguisher. 

Ready to transform how you interact with people in every area of your life to reduce your stress levels while ramping up your access to joy? Expansive Intimacy Coaching is for you.

To discuss how one of my signature talks can create a mindset shift for a large audience, well ... let's talk.

Need something tailored to you, or just aren't sure what you need? Get in touch and we can talk about designing an option that suits you to a T. 

Jim was very helpful in identifying what wasn't working for me and why. He has a lot of relevant personal experience when it comes to leadership and burnout, but has also been able to turn the corner and reshape that reality. Jim helped me figure out what to let go of, and had a lot of advice on which direction to focus instead. Week by week, I was able to clear out the parts of my stress that I could control and improved my situation.

CEO - 1:1 Coaching Client

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