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Leading You
Beyond Burnout

All of my Beyond Burnout services are built on the same foundation: 

  • The best scientific wisdom that exists about burnout

  • The deep, personal lessons I took away from my burnout recovery

  • An expansive array of anti-burnout strategies honed over the past 10+ years

1:1 Coaching

Ideal for: Company Owners & Corporate Leaders

I know what it's like "at the top." I've been there, I speak your language, and I know the challenges you face. 

I also know that admitting burnout when you're at that level can feel super risky. Let me help you manage that. Most of my 1000+ hours of coaching has centered on coaching leaders with burnout. Together, we will find the way that'll get you beyond it, too.


Beyond Burnout Mastermind

Ideal for: Groups of Leaders (Same or Different Companies) & People Who Thrive In Group Settings

Burnout is an inherently isolating experience. It can make us feel like we're terminally unique. (Good news? We're not.)


Working with a group of peers on this vexing dilemma is one of the fastest ways to recover. And it often results in some long-term bonds that live on way beyond burnout. 


Beyond Burnout Events

Ideal for: Conferences & Company Events

Burnout is a complex issue that is largely misunderstood. Let's go into the belly of the beast so we can demystify its causes and identify the best strategies for slaying it. 

All of my events--keynotes, retreats, workshops--are highly interactive. We'll use a range of tools that includes storytelling, emotional intelligence skills, somatic experiences, and even some magic that I pull over from my background in improv comedy. 


Take Your Organization Beyond Burnout

Ideal for: Small- to Mid-Sized Companies ($15-50M)

There's nothing more satisfying to me that burnout-proofing an entire organization. The impact on people's lives is HUGE

This is deep work--at least 6-12 months--so I only have room to do 1-2 of these at a time. We'll look at your leadership approach, organizational culture, management practices, communication skills, and more. You'll walk away ready to run the business you always dreamed of. 

[Next opening: Summer/Fall of 2023]

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