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Speaking & Facilitating

Over the years I've developed a passion for taking complex, important topics and helping people develop themselves and their teams in those areas. My specialties include:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Organizational Culture Development


In each of these areas, I bring years of experience "in the trenches" and professional training. Because you expect and require those. I also bring my creative mindset as an improv comedian to create interactive learning experiences. Because you learn best when the learning comes through you, rather than at you from me. 

Coaching For Leaders

Leaders deal with a ton of stress. They don't have many peers. And they usually have been taught that they're not supposed to show any weaknesses.

Coaching provides leaders a place to deal with stress. I can help as a peer, because I was you at one point. I'll show you new perspectives, help you grow your skills, and show you how to alleviate your stress.

Note: I only take on a handful of 1:1 clients at a time so that I can provide you with my full focus, energy and attention.


Mastermind Groups

Over the years I've been heavily involved in well over a dozen groups that have each taught me invaluable lessons about myself. They've helped me build critical life skills including emotional intelligence, leadership, and important relationship skills like boundary setting. 

Ask me about groups focused on: 

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating Expansive Intimacy

  • Becoming a More Inclusive Leader

  • Creating Stronger Relationships


You'll walk away with more confidence, less stress, and new friends! 

Proud to have supported:

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