My name is Jim Young.

I teach entrepreneur Dads how to break out of their burnout.

In my work I continually come across men who are struggling with what a wise friend of mine recently called the "chronic stress pandemic" that we are in. Men, especially leaders in fast-paced companies, are burning out all the time. 

The guys I work with most often happen to be CEOs of small companies. They also tend to be caring Dads. 

Why are those the clients who seem to find me?

Because I know their struggles and can empathize with them from these experiences:

  • I am a CEO and know the pressure that comes with that role.

  • I spent 25 years in the corporate world, rising as high as the President of a tech startup.

  • And I'm a hugely dedicated Dad. 

I've put in a ton of arduous work over the past 8+ years to create the life and career that I want. The culmination of that was creating a business that allows me to pass along all that learning to help other men.

Here's what I want for you: 

  • I want you to avoid burnout. Burnout sucks. 

  • I want you to have the sustainable, thriving business you have always envisioned. 

  • I want you to have the time and energy to enjoy your family. 

  • I even want you to have time for your own hobbies and pursuits. (Remember those?!?)

As a CEO you've worked your ass off to build something - you deserve to have all of those things. 


If you're ready to create that, give me a holler. I'd love to help you get there faster.