My name is Jim Young.

I help people find the calm, centered place from which they do their best in life and at work.

Your center is the place that grounds you and provides clarity. Being centered in your values, your principles, and your purpose are crucial to attaining the fulfillment that you are seeking. That's why I start with being centered. I know how well it's worked for me and I want to help you find yours, too. 

Do you need help finding your center?

Consider these questions:

  • Do you often think about what you feel you should be doing, maybe things that other people expect from you?

  • When people ask you how you're doing, is your default answer, "Oh wow, I'm super busy"? Like, all the time?

  • Do you struggle to identify what you want, what you really want, in your life?

  • Are you spending a lot of your time doing things without any true passion behind your effort?

  • Is it hard for you to make important decisions and/or do you tend to put them off? 

If you find yourself saying "Yes" to any of these questions, let me first say that I understand. That's a hard place to be. I've spent plenty of time there. And I'd like to help you get out of it. 

Here's how I can help...

For Organizations & Teams

I'd love to talk with you about how my special blend of leadership, emotional intelligence, and improv theater skills, backed by decades of business experience, helps groups find their center through Facilitation & Consulting

For Individuals

Let's explore how Coaching can help you get what you want, what you really want. I would especially love to help you find your center if you are:

A Leader building a great organization, or 

A Man who wants to find more balance, or

Moving through a big Identity Shift

Are you ready to find your center?