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Are you ready to move Beyond Burnout?

I have to assume the answer is, "Yes," since living in burnout sucks.

I've already found my way beyond burnout, after a multi-year battle with it. Since then, I've coached dozens of leaders (and multiple companies) to find the right combo to get them beyond burnout, too.


I'd love to help you move into the beyond.


So... are you ready? 

Burnout is affecting men in record numbers.

So if you're a guy who's feeling exhausted, constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, and convinced that "it just is what it is", don't worry.


You're not alone. 

Here's what else you need to know ... you can get out of it. But you're gonna have to get uncomfortable to really root it out. Why? 

Because burnout grows in layers through thousands of decisions we make over a period of years. To break out of it we have to deal with some fundamental changes.

Expansive Intimacy: How “Tough Guys” Defeat Burnout is many things. 

It’s a memoir of my personal journey through burnout. 


It’s a research project that unearthed a difficult revelation that told me I had struck a root cause of men’s burnout. 


And it’s a roadmap to a new way, one that allows a guy to maintain his “tough guy” status while enjoying the joy, liberation, and richness of a life lived intimately.

Just so you know it's real

I didn't end up writing a book on burnout, shame and intimacy just for fun.  

I wrote it because life keeps coming at me with big-time challenges. (And it always will.)

No. I wrote it for moments like the one in this video, shot in September of '22.


I always will need the tools that Expansive Intimacy offers me to stay on top of life. 

I'm Jim

Men's & Organizational Burnout Coach

It took me 8 years to figure out how to end my burnout for good.

The way I got there might surprise you at first. But once you hear what I learned along the way, I think you'll see why it works so well. 

If you're ready to get out of burnout for good, too, grab half an hour of my time and I'll explain what I mean and how it works.


Proud to have supported:

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How I Help

Every service I offer has been designed over the course of several years to serve a common purpose: Helping people to create the lively, centered, and creative experiences they want both at work and in their personal lives. 

Executive Coaching

A cornerstone of my work is the deep experience I offer to leaders as their coach. I've climbed the same mountains and learned that it doesn't have to be "lonely at the top." So that I can honor the depth of this work, I only work with eight 1:1 clients at a time.  

Beyond Burnout Groups

Whether in a 1-day intensive setting or as a 4-month mastermind group, I help unleash the power of collective minds to lead teams and organizations beyond burnout and into the sustainable version of success you've been seeking.

Men's Intimacy Coaching

The greatest legacy a man can leave is a trail of harmonious, supportive, loving relationships. Yet there are many societal barriers that stand in the way. As your coach, I'll help you build the skills of expansive intimacy that will create the future you want to live into.  

In my sessions with Jim he helped me figure out what to let go of, and had a lot of advice on which direction to focus instead. Week by week, I was able to clear out the parts of my stress that I could control and improve my situation.

- Chris B., CEO

Jim forces me to answer questions that I need to work through and address, but would avoid if left to my own devices.

- Noah Smith, CEO

Jim not only helped me remember the value of my unconventional career and life journey, how I learn, and my outlook on things. He also introduced me to new tools and new strategies for getting through the modern work world and life!

- D. M., Tech Consultant

I worked with Jim as the coach for a small group and it was excellent. Of course, he was well prepared on our calls, leading the group members on a journey to better understand ourselves and our inner motivators.


It was a great experience and I highly recommend working with Jim.

- Dale H., Tech Leader, Fortune 500 company

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