My name is Jim Young.

I help men build the relationship skills they need to have a fun, successful, low-stress life.

Everything that's important in your life revolves around a relationship. Your friendships, your work, parenting, dating/partnership, and even your own experience of yourself is a relationship. 

So why the hell don't men invest time in building better relationship skills??

The only good things I personally know of that can come out of better relationship skills are these:

  • more fulfilling & less stressful work

  • a relationship with my partner that includes easier & healthier communication, more fun, and better sex

  • active friendships that regularly make me laugh and bring fun into my life

  • more confidence in my parenting skills

  • more quality time for myself so I can pursue the things I love to do

All kidding aside, that's what I've gained from upping my relationship skills game in the last several years. It's a pretty solid list, huh?


You want some of that? I mean really want it? We should talk. I know can help you get those, too. 

I would especially love to help you if you are:

A man wanting a strong one-on-one guide,

A leader building a great organization, or 

A man who wants to challenge yourself to grow with a group of other daring men

So, are you ready to dare yourself to grow & change?