My name is Jim Young.

I help people find the calm, centered place from which they do their best in life and at work.

Your center is the place that grounds you and provides clarity. Being centered in your values, your principles, and your purpose are crucial to attaining the fulfillment that you are seeking. That's why I start with being centered. I know how well it's worked for me and I want to help you find yours, too. 

I Help Organizations & Teams...

Understand what's holding them back, create the strategies needed to move ahead, and learn the new skills needed to implement sustainable change. I do this with a unique blend of skills in business, leadership, emotional intelligence, strategic consulting, facilitation, and (yes) improv theater. Jump to Facilitation & Consulting for more info. 

I Help Individuals...

Figure out what they really want, what's holding them back, and what skills & habits they need to grow to support their dreams. I would especially love to help you find your center if you are:

A Leader building a great organization, or 

A man who wants to reconnect with his passions, or

Moving through a big identity shift

Are you ready to find your center?

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