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Are you ready for the big changes that come when you hit mid-life?

I entered my 40s with a promising career in corporate leadership, a good family life, a nice house--everything I had imagined would make me happy and successful. 

Then I got blindsided by a mid-life crisis that put all of that in jeopardy. In reality, it had been brewing below the surface for a long time -- I just didn't think it was going to be such a big deal. It was.


After lots of soul-searching and hard work, I've rebuilt a life that's better than the one I'd previously imagined. Crucially, I now understand what questions I wasn't asking myself.

Have you got a gnawing sense that things aren't headed in the right direction as you enter mid-life?

Take me up on the free resources below. Please. I want you to avoid that blindside hit as you move into your middle years.

Burnout is the dirty secret of modern manhood.

Recent studies show that nearly 40% of men report being burned out. So if you're a guy who's feeling exhausted, constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, and convinced that "it just is what it is", you're not alone.  

And listen... I get it. ​As a guy, you probably don't want to talk about it, let alone to another guy. But take it from me--a guy who almost lost it all by suffering in silence--it's way better to deal with it head on. In fact, it's the courageous thing to do.  

Let's talk about how I can help you get to the kind of successful life you want--the one where you're lit up instead of burned out. 

Brotherhood is the antidote. 

Wanna know what else recent studies show? 

Men are losing touch with friends, fast. 

The percentage of men with at least six close friends fell by half since 1990, from 55 percent to 27 percent. The study also found the percentage of men without any close friends jumped from 3 percent to 15 percent. (American Survey Center)

Loneliness kills. 

That loneliness is as bad as smoking and has profound effects on mental health, increasing the risks of heart disease, stroke and dementia. (US Surgeon General)

If you want to go far, go together. 

According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the single most important trait of people who live long and happy lives is healthy relationships. (The Atlantic)

Much of my work these days is focused on bringing men out of the socially-promoted isolation that they have been told is "the right way" to be a man. Come join us--we're doing life-altering work. 

Just so you know it's real

I didn't end up writing a book on burnout, shame and intimacy just for fun.  

I wrote it because life keeps coming at me with big-time challenges. (And it always will.)

No. I wrote it for moments like the one in this video, shot in September of '22.


I always will need the tools that Expansive Intimacy offers me to stay on top of life. 

Expansive Intimacy: How “Tough Guys” Defeat Burnout is many things. 

It’s a memoir of my personal journey through burnout. 


It’s a research project that unearthed a difficult revelation that told me I had struck a root cause of men’s burnout. 


And it’s a roadmap to a new way, one that allows a guy to maintain his “tough guy” status while enjoying the joy, liberation, and richness of a life lived intimately.

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