My name is Jim Young.

I help men get centered so they can create and sustain thriving relationships.

Your center is the place that grounds you and provides clarity. Being centered in your values, your principles, and your purpose gives you the boundaries you need to thrive in your relationships, both professionally and personally. I know this firsthand because that strategy has worked wonders for me. I've also seen it transform my clients into the happier, more successful versions of themselves. 

I Help Men...

... figure out what it is that they really want and what's been holding them back from getting it. Once we know those two things, we get to work on building the skills & habits they need to thrive in their relationships - with themselves and others.

I Help Organizations & Teams...

... understand what's holding them back, create the strategies needed to go where they want, and learn the new skills needed to create better connections - with each other, with clients, and with their mission.

In everything I do I bring a "mad scientist's" blend of skills from disciplines like business, leadership, emotional intelligence, coaching, strategic consulting, facilitation, intimate relationship skills, and (yes) improv theater. There's no "one size fits all" formula here - because your needs are unique. Rather, we will collectively design a plan that will get you what you specifically want. 

I would especially love to help you if you are:

A man wanting a strong one-on-one guide,

A leader building a great organization, or 

A man who wants to challenge yourself to grow with a group of other daring men

Are you ready to find your center?

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