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EP34: Breaking Free from Confined Masculinity with Guest Ed Frauenheim

"What we talk about with liberating masculinity is can we come to a deeper sense of our self worth that isn't dependent on besting others, that actually sees connection and compassion as central to our identities."

- Ed Frauenheim

In the latest episode of "Expansive Intimacy with Jim Young," we delve into the critical issue of societal expectations of men. Jim’s guest, Ed Frauenheim, sheds light on the burden these expectations impose on people across personal and professional spheres. Together, they unravel old and new narratives from friends and peers, focusing on the profound impact such pressures can have on men's emotional and mental well-being. 

Ed vulnerably shares his personal struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, highlighting the broader conversation about men's mental health and the stigmatized perspective of having to "suffer in silence." He notes that the pandemic has paradoxically offered some relief by creating broader societal acceptance for discussing men's mental health challenges, which have historically been seen as taboo.

The discussion with Ed also provides insights into "Reinventing Masculinity," a book he co-authored with Ed Adams, which introduces the archetypes of "confined" and "liberating" masculinity. A roadmap for guiding men towards a more balanced and fulfilling life, liberating masculinity encourages men to make use of skills like emotional intelligence and collaboration as a way to create better workplace cultures and personal lives.


On Interdependent Success: 
“Your success really depends on everybody else's success, too. So you can rise up in organizations, and in fact, increasingly the way to rise is to support others in rising.”
On Social Support & Recovery: 
“What I started doing after my heart attack two and a half years ago was expanding the circle of people. I talked about anxiety with my clients, my coach, more kind of distant friends. And what I noticed when I talked to them, almost to a person, they were kind, and they said, I have had similar things, or I know someone who has deeply wrestled with this stuff, too. So, again, it was all of a sudden, I didn't feel alone, and the weight was lifted, and I felt free."

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Question for Listeners:

Who is one person that you can think of right now who might find this episode helpful? Go ahead… send them a link. You might just strike up a new and meaningful conversation with them while you’re at it!  


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Editing & Production Services by JRS Young (my son).


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