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EP36 - Nervous System Mastery for Better Relationships with Matt Bush and Elisabeth Kristof

Matt Bush & Elisabeth Kristof on nervous system hygeine: "Just like you brush your teeth probably twice a day, maybe more. You shower, you take care of your clothes, you take care of your hair.   You need to take care of your nervous system in the same way with daily hygiene and daily maintenance of your neural systems so that they're able to receive and integrate all of these different sensory inputs that we're talking about."

A few months ago, I had Elisabeth Kristof and Matt Bush on the show in consecutive episodes to talk about how we can use the body and brain in tandem for deep healing. Their episodes were packed with insights and were incredibly popular with listeners. So I decided to bring them back on for another dive into how we can tame our nervous systems.  

In this first-ever panel episode of Expansive Intimacy, we delve into the intricate relationship between our physiological state and our subconscious mind, the nuanced ways our bodies communicate stress, and how becoming aware of these signals can drastically improve our emotional regulation, presence, and ultimately, our connections with others.

Among the topics we touch on are: 

  • Unspoken Stress Signals - The role of nonverbal cues in indicating stress. 

  • Decoding Posture and Presence - How body posture can indicate someone's mental state.

  • Rewiring for Emotional Regulation - Both Elisabeth and Matt give examples of daily practices they use & teach for staying present and regulated. 

  • Neurosomatic Training as an Intimacy Tool - Learn to rewire your nervous system for improved emotional awareness and more dynamic, compassionate, and authentic relationships.

  • Using Intimacy to Boost Your Leadership - See how leaders can apply intimate relationship skills to build a more positive, creative environment at work. 

And these are merely the tip of the transformative iceberg when it comes to neurosomatic techniques for healing our bodies, minds, and our trained emotional responses. 

Elisabeth and Matt offer myriad first-hand accounts and expert insights on the effects of neurosomatic tools to provide a blueprint for anyone looking to enhance their intimacy across all spheres of life. Enjoy! 


Matt, on Mindfulness Techniques: 
“Just take a second and recognize five to ten sensory inputs from your current environment. Like right in the moment … go! What's the temperature? Is the wind blowing? What's the lighting? What's the sound? What do I feel from tactile sensation? What do I feel inside my body? That could take less than 10 seconds, right? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. It really brings you back into the present moment, creating a little space from wherever your brain had wandered off from.”

Elisabeth, on Understanding Nonverbal Communication: 
"Well, I think one of the best things is to just begin to understand that so much of our communication with one another is nonverbal. And once you become aware of that and how the nervous system is always communicating with you, the nervous system of another person is always communicating with you."

Elisabeth, on The Complexities of Emotional Repression: 
"Just like Matt was saying, it's not conscious at all, right? But there is such a high threat level associated in our subconscious with the experience of certain emotions, big emotions that can be very dysregulating, and that we may be experienced at a much earlier age when that experience was so dysregulating to the nervous system that it was quite literally life threatening. It kicked into a survival threat. And so we learn to repress those emotions because there is no real separation between emotional regulation and nervous system dysregulation. It's all part of a physiological process."

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Question for Listeners:

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