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The Men's Intimacy Minute, Vol. 20 - Courageous Intimacy

The most courageous act a man can take is to be intimate, to really open up to the world around him and be seen for who he is. Too often men shy away from being intimate out of fear - fear of being seen as unmanly, fear of rejection, fear of what might come out of their mouths (and hearts) if they start opening up. The world is begging for men to show a new courage, one that comes from the heart, one that is rooted in intimacy.


Jim Young is a coach, a facilitator, a Dad, an improv comedian, and a man who is always striving to learn more about intimacy. He'd love for you to join him on the journey, since he believes it represents a huge step towards a more connected, peaceful, and loving world.

If you'd like to talk more about intimacy, you can reach Jim via this page, or by booking time directly on his calendar.

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