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EP40 - Real Men, Being Real = Real Connection w/The Men of Teal Panel

Real Men, Being Real = Real Connection with Mitch Anthony (“We have built a community of trust and space where we can be open, honest, and transparent with each other.”), Reggie Marra (“Just because you're uncomfortable doesn't mean that you're not safe.”), and Adam Hofmann ("It's really forced me to confront my own shit by listening to everybody else.”)
"We talk about some really vulnerable shit. We get all the way down to the nitty gritty."
- Jim Young

In a world where traditional notions of masculinity often discourage open expression and vulnerability, the latest episode of "Expansive Intimacy with Jim Young" brings a refreshing perspective on the transformative potential of men’s groups. The "Men of Teal Panel," featuring Jim Young, Reggie Marra, Mitch Anthony, and Adam Hofmann, delves into the depth of intimate group conversations and the strength found in shared vulnerability.

Frederick Laloux’s writings on the concept of "Teal" are at the root of a community dynamic that appreciates a spectrum of developmental perspectives. Our panelists explore this viewpoint by recounting their experiences being part of a men's group that fosters understanding, support, and emotional connection. The Teal framework they use encourages members to contribute authentically to their mutual growth and to acknowledge the complex layers of human experience.

Reggie Marra underscores the necessity for intimacy, empathy, and compassion, drawing connections to the wider social landscape. The panelists argue that the absence of these dimensions has historical implications contributing to societal divisions. By engaging in intimate exchanges within the microcosm of a men's group, there is potential for healing at a macro scale.

Mitch’s openness about his struggle with alcohol humanizes the often-taboo subject of addiction. Such revelations create ripples of trust, encouraging others to expose their own vulnerabilities. Adam Hofmann shares similar sentiments, illustrating his journey from initial discomfort to profound openness. This progression emphasizes the group's influence in transforming its participants' ability to connect deeply with both themselves and others.


Mitch Anthony on the role that honesty plays in intimate relationships:

"When I am honest with myself, I can be intimate with myself. When I'm honest with others, I can be intimate with them. And this is one of the things that I just cherish about our men's group, because we have built a community of trust and space where we can be open, honest, and transparent with each other."

Reggie Marra on the relationship between comfort and safety: 

"I think it's really important for me to distinguish between safety and comfort because the safety of intimacy and vulnerability isn't necessarily comfortable. And I think that's an important distinction to make, especially for anyone who might hear this conversation, who conflates those two words. Just because you're safe doesn't mean you're going to be comfortable. And just because you're uncomfortable doesn't mean that you're not safe."

Adam Hofmann on the accountability provided in a strong group setting: 

"It's really forced me to confront my own shit by listening to everybody else. You hear somebody else tell a story and you're like, ‘Oh yeah, that's me. That's happening to me over here.’"

About Adam Hofmann: 

Adam Hofmann, a trailblazing entrepreneur, intrepid adventurer, and keen observer of human behavior, made a mark in 2020 when he launched 'The Mandate'. His project went deep into the realm of men's mental health. His prowess in the field of AI led most recently to the acquisition of his generative AI company in 2023. Now, as the mastermind behind AI Product & Strategy at Elixirr Consulting, he continues to push the boundaries of innovation. But his journey doesn't stop there. Adam is at the helm of a new venture, one that addresses the complex transitions and transformations men undergo as they age. 

Connect with Adam on LinkedIn:

About Reggie Marra:

Reggie Marra is an educator, writer, and coach who guides himself and (willing) others into increasingly broader and deeper perspectives, and who explores the U.S. (and the world) through a multidisciplinary lens. His most recent book (2022) is Healing America's Narratives: The Feminine, the Masculine, & Our Collective National Shadow

About Mitch Anthony:

Mitch Anthony is a synthesizer. He helps find coherence in disparate ideas. He helps integrate

this understanding into shared vision. And he helps translate this vision into doable strategy.

He is an accomplished brand strategist who has facilitated hundreds of integrated identity and

communications programs for companies and organizations worldwide. He publishes a weekly

newsletter - Love & Work - that he calls a journal of radical hope. 

You can learn more about Mitch at

Question for Listeners:

Who is one person that you can think of right now who might find this episode helpful? Go ahead… send them a link. You might just strike up a new and meaningful conversation with them while you’re at it!  


The views expressed are that of the individual and do not represent the opinions of any companies past, present or future.

Editing & Production Services by JRS Young (my son). 


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