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EP 01: The Expansion Begins

“This podcast is designed to provide a space where men can start to explore how to bring intimacy into their lives,” shares Host Jim Young. After experiencing immense burnout, Jim went on a quest to regain control of his life.

After successfully defeating this period of hardship, he went back to evaluate his process. And amid his journey, he discovered something he never knew existed: expansive intimacy.

But what is it?

In the first-ever episode of Expansive Intimacy, Jim explores the definition of expansive intimacy, ways you can begin to incorporate it into various aspects of your life, and how this podcast can be a tool for everyone, especially men.

Each week, you can listen to others as they explain their perspectives on how to overcome obstacles in life so that you too can experience the joys of expansive intimacy.

Tune in next Thursday to hear the first guest episode. In the meantime, let’s get ready to get intimate.


  • Expansive intimacy is about creating rich relationships where we reveal as much of ourselves as we possibly can with all sorts of people across every part of our lives.” (02:45-03:00)

  • “We can have intimacy in every area of our lives. In fact, that was what got me from a place where I was isolated, burned out, lonely, depressed, and kind of hopeless into a different life altogether.” (03:28-03:43)

  • “I have a range of intimacies that I get to explore in my friendships. They're deep. They're sources of tremendous support for me. And they're a whole lot of fun.” (04:40-04:49)

  • “This podcast is designed as the book was to provide a space where men can start to explore how to bring intimacy into their lives.” (08:00-08:05)

The views expressed are that of the individual and do not represent the opinions of any companies past, present or future.

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