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EP25: Untethering Love, Sex & Intimacy w/Sean Harvey

This week's guest is Sean Harvey, Chief Compassion Officer and Master Facilitator at the Warrior Compassion Men’s Studio, and author of the new book Warrior Compassion: Unleashing the Healing Power of Men.

In a world where men are bombarded with countless messages about how best to be and which path to take, Sean’s work offers not a solution to a problem, but an opportunity to heal. Most men avoid opening up to each other for fear of judgment, when in fact, it is by being vulnerable that we discover we share all the same fears. The other side of showing the ugly and shameful parts of ourselves is that we discover the strengths and positive traits that we can offer to others.

Men in general have difficulty feeling and naming emotions, which makes it all the more difficult to recognize and feel love. What’s more, most never received unconditional love, leaving expectations rather than acceptance, as well as a number of unhealthy attachment styles. Sean untangles the overlap between intimacy, love and sex and explains what men are really looking for.

The journey toward intimacy is messy, difficult and different for everyone. But the feelings of ease and liberation are immeasurable.


“When men are in community with men, we break the cycle and the thinking around terminal uniqueness, that I'm the only one struggling or suffering in this way. And then we start to break down—‘Oh, you're experiencing this too’—especially when it comes to our relationships.” (11:52 | Sean)
“We don't necessarily know how to get to the intimacy, we know how to access the sex, we know how to have it, we know how to manipulate to get it, or whatever it is, right? But it isn't until we bind to our relationship with love that then everything comes into a right sized version of itself.” (18:01 | Sean)
“We don't need to define a path for other men. There are so many people that are willing and offering or demanding this is the path forward for men. Take it and you'll be a better man. No, we don't need another person telling us how we need to be as men. We need friends, peers, guides who are asking us the questions so we can discover our own truth.” (33:32 | Sean)
“Part of doing our work, doing our discovery of our own truth, right, coming, becoming integrated, and coming to that place of acceptance. The more we do that, the less expectations we have above others, the less judgment we have of others, the more acceptance we have of others. And the byproduct of that is that energetically, we become psychologically safe for others.” (46:33 | Sean)

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