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EP31: From Suicidal Tendencies to Intimacy w/Ross Leppala

Ross Leppala, on the pivotal moment when he started to become a force for men‘s healing: “I tried to take my life. And fortunately, I was able to stop just before I did any irreversible harm and thought, well, my parents don't deserve to find me here like this.”

"Everything in my life to validate myself and validate some kind of sense of self worth was external. I got all my worth through sports and accomplishing and being better than you and or being useful to you in terms of work."

- Ross Leppala

In this week’s episode, Ross shares his long journey of self-discovery and all of the scars from being marginalized as a first-generation outsider, along with the mental health challenges that arose from loneliness.

Ross discovered his passion for sports as a coping mechanism but soon realized that although it helped release pent-up anger, it didn't necessarily result in intimate friendships. He candidly talks about his past suicidal tendencies and how he bravely opened up about his experiences. Ross elaborates on how this openness led to deeper, more meaningful relationships and the role this played in his healing conversation with his mother.

In a thought-provoking conversation, Ross and Jim delve into the societal tendency to suppress authentic expression and how taking responsibility for one's feelings can profoundly change the nature of relationships. Ross shares his belief that vulnerability and emotional honesty are key to expanding intimacy, evolving from a victim role to an enriched contributor role.

From his confrontation at a store to his transformative moment that led him to therapy, Ross takes us on an enlightening journey about emotionality, mental health, and the importance of seeking internal validation. He also provides an insightful look into his coaching work, his initiative Project Unchained, and his self-development course, the Belonging Blueprint.

Join us for this inspiring conversation as Ross Leppala shares his story and provides invaluable insights into building deeper relationships, cultivating personal growth, and fostering expansive intimacy. Stay tuned!


On People Pleasing Tendencies: “If I can do something for you to make you like me? Well, then cool, then I'm worth something. And I would give myself away a lot. I didn't do things from a place of authenticity." (20:50)
On Emotional Responsibility: “You can't make somebody feel a certain way. Nobody can make you feel a certain way. Your feelings are yours and yours alone. Their feelings are theirs and theirs alone." (34:03)
On Despair: “I tried to take my life. And fortunately, I was able to stop just before I did any irreversible harm and thought, well, my parents don't deserve to find me here like this.” (10:59)
On His Work: “While powerlifting focuses primarily on physical strength and capacity, there's so many cool things that we can learn along the way to support our mental strength and mental capacity.” (42:21)

Connect with Ross:

Instagram: @ross.leppala

Question for Listeners:

Who is one person that you can think of right now who might find this episode helpful? Go ahead… send them a link. You might just strike up a new and meaningful conversation with them while you’re at it!

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