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Expansive Intimacy EP09: The Effects of Power & Jealousy with Dr. Joli Hamilton

Jealousy is just like all other emotions. It has something to tell us. (6:30-6:34 | Joli Hamilton)

Get ready for an eye-opening episode as Jim engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Dr. Joli Hamilton, a relationship coach who specializes in guiding couples that color outside the lines. In this episode, they delve deep into the profound impact of power dynamics and jealousy on intimate relationships.

Dr. Hamilton challenges conventional beliefs by shedding light on jealousy as a perfectly normal emotion that can emerge as early as six months of age. Instead of avoiding or suppressing jealousy, she encourages us to embrace it as a gateway to self-discovery and understanding within our relationships. Prepare to shift your perspective and unlock the hidden lessons jealousy has to offer.

Additionally, the episode explores the intricate dynamics of power within relationships. Joli emphasizes the importance of open communication and understanding, as power dynamics can vary and evolve depending on circumstances. By embracing the complexities of power, couples can navigate their relationships with greater clarity and fulfillment.

Whether you're curious about non-monogamy or seeking to strengthen your monogamous partnership, this episode offers a wealth of insights into the fascinating interplay between power and jealousy. Tune in to gain a fresh perspective and unlock the potential for deeper, more fulfilling connections in your own relationships.


“For me, intimacy is just aliveness, being alive. It's not really separate from breathing or existing as a human.” (3:12-3:23 | Joli Hamilton)
“Compersion is really rooted in wholehearted joy for another person's joy, and who doesn't want more of that?” (5:12-5:20 | Joli Hamilton)
“Jealousy can be spotted in infants as young as six months old. So if you're experiencing jealousy, you may have triggered a pre-verbal experience.” (9:16-9:27 | Joli Hamilton)
“That's how we get into all this trouble is by not talking about power.” (14:47-14:53 | Joli Hamilton)
“About 5% of people practice some form of consensual non-monogamy at any one time, and about 20% have tried it at some point in their life.” (22:28-22:37 | Joli Hamilton)

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