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I'm Not Afraid To Talk About It...

I have come to realize that one of my gifts is being unafraid of talking about "it". When I say "it", I generally mean the things that are considered taboo or scary or threatening in some way. Why do I do that? Because I've realized that once I'm aware of things that seem that harmful, the only way to prevent the harm from being realized is to get them out in the open.

Here's my latest example - I hope you check it out and enjoy it:


Jim Young is an Executive & Life Coach, mostly for men. He's also a passionate "Dadvocate", both for his 3 teenagers and for the great work other men are doing in their parenting. When he's not tackling issues like love & intimacy on livestreamed podcasts, he can be found doing improv with his troupe, "Not In Charge", geeking out on how people can relate better to one another, goofing with his kids, cooking, and learning how to play something called "paddle tennis" (which is SUPER fun!).

If you know of a guy who wants to do some work on his relationship skills - whether for work, personal life or both - Jim would love to help. He lets you pick a meeting time on his calendar without even asking, or you can just send him a good old fashioned email if you'd rather.


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