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Using Improv to Improve

Today I'm looking forward to, and feeling grateful for, the improv show I get to perform in this Saturday.  I only took up improv comedy a little over three years ago and I am already fortunate enough to perform regularly with two groups. When I first stepped into a class, I had no idea I'd be launching myself towards stages with audiences. And for this introvert, it has been a bit of a shocking - and happy - revelation to see that all unfold.

The surprises for me along the way included learning that the principles of improv are central to a happy life for me. Improv reminds me to be more accepting and creative. It encourages constructive moments that aim towards joy and ease. It is about connection and relationship. As I discovered these, I realized they were key values for me, even though I'd never taken the time to specify what my values are.

Improv also taught me a lot about my courage and my ability to take risks to grow. Going to that first workshop, signing up for a class, jumping into a scene, trying a new game or structure... all of these tested me in new ways. And each time I failed, I was rewarded with grace from my peers and new learning opportunities. Wow!

As I have moved away from my old corporate career, I've found a lot of wisdom and support along the way. And I've sure needed it. My fierce independence got me a long way, but I kept running into the same walls. When I needed it most, improv really came in to help me find a new way around those walls. It has freed me up to improve and be my best self.

In my coaching practice, I am eager to help clients understand their own walls and the ways they can get around them. And, like me, you may be surprised what arrives to transform you once you start taking new chances.

If you want to learn more about coaching - or improv - contact me for a free coaching session. I'd love to talk to you and help you find your key to getting what you want from your life! You might even get some laughs out of it...


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